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Our Divine Story

Our Divine Story

Our Divine Story is my humble attempt at revealing a well hidden story within a well known story. The Story of Our Divine Creation. The Genesis of Us as told in the Holy Torah, Koran, and Bible is an incomplete version of our history, creators, and creation. Very important details were omitted and or changed. I have often blamed the religious world and the egos of men for the mutation of Our history. And they do have a huge responsibility to bare. I now overstand what was meant to be accomplished by altering and omitting certain details from future generations. Although it has not yet been accomplished. Not that I agree with decent in any form. We have all heard of mythical stories from the past. Books and movies have been written about them, academics and studied them. The Gods are stories from ancient myths right? They came from the imagination of some very creative, ancient story teller. What if the opposite were true? And there were Super Humans on Earth and they were responsible for our creation, education, and Spiritual Manipulation? What if we really did view and worship them as Gods until a time when we began to question their loftiness and divinity? Then came the time when they would separate themselves from the affairs of men and act only as Emissaries of the One True God, the Source of All that is. When the time came to record the story for future generations the attributes and actions of the ‘gods’ were attributed to a singular male deity. When Jesus came along, his mission was to teach us Our true nature and relation to the Source. This undermined the authority of the church, and we all know how that story ended. There is no profit in Spiritual Freedom. Spiritual exploitation is where the money is at!!! I first read the bible at the age of thirteen. It left me very confused, and my pastor left me with out answers. I questioned, how did God do all that in seven days, who else was with God when he created Adam, who did Cain fear when he was expelled from the Garden,were Adam and Eve’s kids committing incest, and please explain to me why God’s personality seems to change from one book to the next????? These questions and more are my means of inspiration. I was raised as a Muslim and attended a Christian school so of course I had questions because I had been taught that the most important thing you can do on Earth is worship God. If giving my life to God is what I am here for, then I should know all there is to know about the One I’m going to give my life to. Or? My questions and lack of answers from the religious community leaders lead me to search out side of religion for answers that made sense to me. Seek and yea shall find. Our Divine Story is the result of my search up until now.

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