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About Foreal African Designs

Foreal African Designs helps to brings lasting income to people and communities in Africa in two ways: We bring thousands of African creations to the global market, this creates   real change with a sustainable income for hundreds of small business people in Africa. We also help hundreds of African orphan children through direct donations. Every purchase from Foreal African Designs helps pay for food, schooling, and medical care for hundreds of special needs children. We are closely connected with these children, and do extra to guarantee that this money is properly distributed to them.

This and providing Quality Products with Integrity to our customers is what drives our company. The reason our company exists. What we believe gives us our strength and passion.

  1. To improve lives for craftspeople, children, and communities in Africa.
  2. To act with integrity, transparency, and authenticity.
  3. To reward inspired work with excellence.
  4. To provide quality products to our customers

The Newest African
• Clothing
• Jewelry
• Accessories
• Fabrics
• Artwork
• Musical Instruments
• Herbal Remedies
• Oils
• Skin Care
• Soaps

Each One Teach One, Each One Love One!

One Love!

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